Founded in 2014, the award winning Innerspace VR has redefined the possibilities of Virtual Reality : the company was part of the launch of Samsung's GearVR with contents both narrative and gaming.

Since then Innerspace VR has been consistently at the forefront of VR innovation, with content released on the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, with influences ranging from gaming, film and theatre.

The pioneering studio is dedicated to producing high quality interactive content exclusively for VR.



Hadrien Lanvin   // CEO                                               

Hadrien Lanvin

// CEO                                               

Hayoun Kwon   // Co-Founder & Executive Producer

Hayoun Kwon

// Co-Founder & Executive Producer

Balthazar Auxietre   // Co-Founder & Creative Director

Balthazar Auxietre

// Co-Founder & Creative Director

Marc Jackson   // CFO

Marc Jackson

// CFO