Firebird is a suite of narrative & musical pieces for Virtual Reality, inspired by Walt Disney's Fantasia.


Enter a realm of enchantment with FIREBIRD - La Péri, and play the role of Iskender, a prince seeking the "flower of immortality". You will appear on the stage, visit the ethereal world of La Péri, and witness a magical and poetic encounter as one of the characters...

FIREBIRD - La Péri features beautiful classical music from Paul Dukas, composer of The Sorcerer's Apprentice, as well as narration from John Rhys-Davies (Lord of The Rings, Indiana Jones), and a motion-captured ballet performance which will enchant all audiences. This award-winning family-friendly musical experience paves the way for high production value virtual reality experiences for Home Entertainment and LBE.

“La Peri pushes the interactive narrative to a new level of beauty”
— Will Mason / Upload VR
“The experience is a trailblazing marriage of dazzling visuals, storytelling, and interactivity.”
— Malia Probst / VR Scout
“ambitious and unique project, sitting alone in a genre it has now essentially created.”
— Paul James / Road to VR