Hello there, fellow shipmates !

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that our latest LBVR escape game, The Corsair’s Curse, is now available for all to enjoy in Illucity’s growing network of VR parks in France.

The game, which features haptic effects (vibrating floors and wind effects) is a perfect introduction to LBVR for families and escape game enthusiasts alike.

In The Corsair’s Curse, you and your teammates (the game supports up to 4 simultaneous players) jump aboard a mysterious galleon, looking for the Corsair’s treasure. Alas ! The Corsair appears and brings his curse upon you : you now look like tiny wooden idols. And if you are not able to solve the many puzzles and challenges that await you in the galleon, you and your friends shall become part of the Corsair’s idols collection for all eternity !

The Corsair’s Curse is available in french and english, with additional languages coming soon, and available under a yearly licensing scheme worldwide. The game also comes with a fully localized Game Master console, minimizing the need for in-game supervision. If you are an LBVR operator, you will benefit from one of the most straightforward and flexible deployment experience in the industry. Did we mention the game is beautiful, surprising, and a whole lot of fun ?

Please reach out to contact@innerspacevr.com to discuss licensing and localization options !