Firebird : La Péri continues its journey among festivals worldwide : we received the "Best VR Experience" award from NABShow in Shanghai, as well the "Best VR Adventure" from Cinequest in Los Angeles !

We are extremely grateful for all these awards, and hope that if you haven't checked out La Péri yet, you will get a chance to do it soon - also because we are already hard at work on the next episode in the series : The Unfinished !

We just finished recording the new motion capture sessions, and are starting development as we speak.

                                    What one day of motion capture look like !

                                    What one day of motion capture look like !

Firebird : The Unfinished will be released on Oculus Rift and Samsung GearVR in autumn of 2017, and will feature music from Gustav Holzt's The Planets by the Toronto Symphonic Orchestra.

We're so excited and hope you are too !